Bali is an Indonesian Island which is a _________ Island. 

A. Muslim 

B. Jewish

C. Buddhist 

D. Hindu 

Who is the longest serving ruler of Indonesia? 

A. General Suharto 

B. Joko Widodo 

C. Sukamo 

D. None of These 

OSS (Office of Strategic Services) is the old name of which secret agency_________? 





Rome is the capital of Italy is located on the river_________? 

A. Danube 

B. Rhine 

C. Tiber 

D. Po 

Area between river Indus and river Jhelum is called __________? 

A. Riverine of indus and jehlum 

B. Kachho 

C. Sindh sagar doab 

D. None of them 

All of the Following Countries are the Members of TAPI – Gas pipeline Project Except:___________? 

A. Pakistan 

B. Afghanistan 

C. Tajikistan  

D. India 

‘International nurses day’ is observed on ________________? 

A. 12 May 

B. 12 April

C. 12 march 

D. 12 February 

Europe Day is celebrated every year on 

A. 8 May 

B. 9 May 

C. 10 May 

D. 12 May 

Which is oldest lake in Australia? 

A. hillier lake 

B. dove lake 

C. lake George 

D. none of these 

What is the main concern mentioned by the Reporters Without Borders (RSF) report 2023 about the regulator “Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority” (Pemra)? 

A. Lack of regulation in the media sector 

B. Excessive control over journalism 

C. Inefficient handling of corruption cases 

D. Dependence on state sector ads

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